Sparkhouse—Richard Armitage, Sarah Smark, Joseph McFadden, Alun Armstrong, BBC miniseries. Photo album, screencaps.

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Sparkhouse Photo Album (click on thumbnail images to see larger picture).

As usual I got overzealous when making screencaps from this BBC miniseries, so a photo album was in order. Here you'll see more pictures of actors Sarah Smart (Carol), Joe McFadden (Andrew) and John (Richard Armitage), along with the rest of the cast from Sparkhouse.

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L-R: Becky gives a teenaged Lisa a ride, Carol's mom, Carol in a deep discussion with Andrew, Carol and John attend a funeral.

L-R: Andrew and his mom, Lisa as a young girl, shearing sheep on the farm, John is astonished.

L-R: Carol lights up, Andrew has pretty eyelashes, Carol talking with John, John looking scruffy and jealous.

L-R: Carol with battered face, shy John asks a question, Carol in her car, Carol assures Lisa of her devotion.

L-R: Carol, Carol and Andrew in their "special" hideout, Andrew frets, Andrew in a fit of jealousy.

L-R: Lisa and John, John holds hands with Carol, Andrew is distressed, Andrew and Carol kiss.

L-R: Andrew's dad gives advice, Carol sometimes does questionable things, Andrew's dad talks with John, Carol and John.

<< Sparkhouse review

"In what other programs can we see Richard Armitage?" Fans who are swooning over the actor's performance in North & South (and now as John in Sparkhouse) keep on asking this question, so I felt compelled to make this special page, which gives short reviews of some of his other works available on DVD.

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