The Invisible Man - Vincent Ventrersca, Paul Ben Victor
The Invisible Man—photos, pics & screencaps from the TV show—Seasons One and Two. Series DVD ordering and playing info. Starring Vincent Ventresca, Paul Ben-Victor, Brandy Ledford, Shannon Kenny, Eddie Jones, Mike McCafferty.

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Darien and Claire  Paul Ben-Victor (Robert Hobbes)  Claire Keepley (Shannon Kenny)  Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca)

  Paul Ben-Victor, Eddie Jones--the Official, Bobby Hobbes    Eddie Jones, Mike McCafferty   

Eddie Jones  Paul Ben-Victor (Bobby Hobbes)  Shannon Kenny, 'The Keeper' Darien Fawkes, (Vincent Ventresca).

These images are captured from the Season One DVD for The Invisible Man, available in the UK. If you don't live in the UK and assume that these Region 2 DVDs won't play on your DVD player, read more about possible workarounds.

Disclaimer: When it came to Season Two, I had a poor quality source for my screencaps. In addition, my Photoshop editing skills have definite limits. I tried to fix these screen caps up as best I could, but you will notice pixilation, color problems, etc. Also note that my computer and monitor may be calibrated differently (so what looks good on my screen may not look so good on yours). My apologies.

  Vicent Ventresca  Brandy Ledford  Brandy Ledford, Michael McCafferty

  Brandy Ledford  Brandy Ledford  Shannon Kenny  Paul Ben-Victor, Vincent Ventresca 

Paul Ben-Victor, Vincent Ventresca  Paul Ben-Victor, Vincent Ventresca  Vicent Ventresca, Brandy Ledford

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