The Invisible Man - Vincent Ventrersca, Paul Ben Victor
The Invisible Man—photos, pics & screencaps from the TV show. Series DVD ordering and playing info.

Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca)Robert HobbesClaire (Shannon Kenny)Eberts and The OfficialFawkes, Claire and BobbyAlex Monroe (Brandy Ledford).Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca)
Avatar graphics of The Invisible Man cast: Vincent Ventresca, Paul Ben-Victor, Shannon Kenny, Mike McCafferty, Eddie Jones, Brandy Ledford.

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I've become enchanted with this fun series (originally shown on the SciFi Channel for two seasons, 2000-2002). When it first aired I confess I didn't quite "get" it immediately—but I sometimes watched it anyway, because I tended to keep the dial stuck on Sci-Fi. After a while it grew on me, and I realized how hilarious and entertaining this show was. I also began to recognize the amazing chemistry all the cast had with each other—especially between series star Vincent Ventresca and his onscreen "side-kick," Paul Ben-Victor (playing Darien Fawkes and Bobby Hobbes).

I'm not one for creating elaborate fan sites, but I do enjoy working with Adobe Photoshop. So, I thought I'd express my admiration and fandom for this show by preparing a few screenshots and publishing them for other fans to enjoy.

The DVDs for The Invisible Man:
The Invisible Man on DVDIf you're in the UK and are an Invisible Man fan, you probably already own Season One (both set One and Two) on DVD. However, those of us who live in the USA or Canada feel left out, because this UK version DVD isn't compatible with our DVD players (we're set for DVD Region One, and the UK is Region Two). But, no worries—there are workarounds! Firstly, you can purchase a region-free DVD player (or one that can be easily made region-free). Or, if you have a DVD drive in your computer, you can play DVDs from any region by using region-free software, like VLC Player. Just make sure to play all foreign DVDs with VLC Player, and avoid changing any region settings on your computer's DVD player. I repeat: avoid changing region settings on your computer's DVD player. If you change it one too many times, you might not be able to change it back!

It is easy to find a seller on who will ship the Invisible Man DVDs internationally. I highly recommend these DVDs. The picture is sharp, sound is good, and the "extras" are great. The included interviews with the cast—especially the ones with Vincent Ventresca, Paul Ben-Victor and Mike McCafferty—are hilarious. These extras offer many insights into the behind-the-scenes workings of the show.

Season Two on DVD? Soon, I hope! All that any of us can do is sign petitions and try to convince the powers that be that we want to see Season Two. While we're at it, we also need to nag them to release both seasons on Region One DVD!

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The Invisible Man Screen caps:

Paul Ben-Victor (Bobby)  The Keep (Shannon Kenny)  Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca)  Robert Hobbes (Paul Ben-Victor) and Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca)

  Fatman and Eberts  Quicksilver madness -- Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca)  Bobby and Claire  

 Quicksilver madness--Bobby with gun to Darien  Darien, (Darian), Claire (Clair), Bobby Hobbes  Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca)  

Eddie Jones -- The Fat Man  Albert Eberts and gang    Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca)

   Claire, the Keeper (Shannon Kenney), Darien Fox (Fawkes) - Vincent Vintresca  Stage 5 Quicksilver madness - Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca)  Robert Hobbes (Paul Ben Victor)

More Invisible Man screencaps (including from Season Two). >>

I present these screen shots in a "fair use" context (or at least that's my intention). I merely wish to comment on the show and try to expose it to others. I hope that my fellow "I-Man" fans will use these pictures for similar "fair use" purposes. None of us own these graphics—they are the property of the Sci-Fi Channel, NBC, USA Channel, and whoever else owns rights to the show.

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