Since I'm watching so many movies these days, I thought I'd write little reviews (with perhaps some screenshots—or not) about each of them.

The Black Hole. Disney's ambitious science fiction blockbuster effort from 1979, using "old-fashioned" special effects techniques, with somewhat dated (but still gorgeous) results. This is a guilty pleasure for me for a variety of reasons. Stars Maximillian Schell, Robert Forster (of "Jackie Brown" fame), Ernest Borgnine, Anthony Perkins ("Psycho") and Yvette Mimieux. Great (if not somewhat ponderous) John Barry score. This review has many screenshots.

Bride and Prejudice. A fun adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, with a Bollywood flair. The director of "Bend it like Beckham" blends Western and Indian cultures in this charming romantic comedy (which has lots of color, singing, and dancing!). This review has many screenshots.


Cat Ballou. Western/Romantic comedy from the 1960s. Stars a young Jane Fonda, Lee Marvin in an Oscar-winning role, Michael Callan, Dwayne Hickman, and Tom Nardini. This is a very cute, funny Western spoof with great chemistry between all the cast. One of my favorite movies! This review has many screenshots.

Dear Frankie. Independent film by first-time director Shona Auerbach, this tender and understated romance stars Emily Mortimer, Gerard Butler and Jack McElhone. Lushly photographed and handled with a delicate touch, the story got under my skin and kept me musing over it for a long time after I'd seen it. Definitely worth a look! This review has many screenshots.


The Phantom of the Opera. A "guilty pleasure"—Andrew Lloyd Webber's music and stunning, gothic visuals make this somewhat flawed and overly melodramatic movie musical way too much fun to watch. I absolutely love it. This review has many, many screenshots.

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